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Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

In addition to gathering with friends and family, Thanksgiving brings with it the delicious aromas and mouthwatering flavors of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and a whole host of other great foods. We’re excited to share a few recipes that have probably never reached your table around this time of year. Pizza with a Thanksgiving twist? You got it! Enjoy breaking tradition with these alternative Thanksgiving dinner recipes in your Holly Court apartment.


Why not go for a test run before the big day? Invite a few friends from around Pitman, NJ to come over and help you prepare and eat these delicious recipes in your upgraded kitchen.


The first recipe comes from We Are Not Martha. This Thanksgiving Pizza recipe is one that caught our attention and our cravings. We couldn’t pass this opportunity up! Enjoy sinking your teeth into a recipe that’s filled with all your Thanksgiving food favorites, including apple pie. From the website: “What’s better than sitting down to a piping hot pizza? Well, Thanksgiving dinner, maybe. It’s getting close to one of our very favorite times of year and clearly Thanksgiving dinner is on our minds. And when we heard Project Food Blog challenge #5 was to come up with our own remix for a pizza, we started to imagine ways to turn a pizza into our favorite holiday.”


Simply Recipes shared a tempting recipe for Turkey Tacos with Cranberry Salsa. Like us, you might be thinking: “What a perfect way to use Thanksgiving leftovers!” While that may be true, we thought it’d be fun to consider actually using this recipe as one of the main courses of the Thanksgiving day meal. This recipe literally takes 15-minutes to prepare and 10-minutes to cook, so time is definitely on your side if you find yourself rushed.


One person commented on the recipe: “I made this recipe with some of my leftover turkey and it did not disappoint! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it! I loved the cranberry salsa; it had such a great combination of flavors that really complimented the turkey. My husband wants me to make another turkey just so he can have these again.”


Egg rolls might not be on your radar for recipes, but these Thanksgiving Egg Rolls look amazing! Runway Chef has done it again with this quick and easy recipe. Paired with cranberry chutney as a dipping sauce, these little rolls are sure to pack a powerful punch at your dinner table this month.


Are you planning on making any of these alternative Thanksgiving recipes this month? Or do you have a few of your own? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!